Corporate responsibility is at the heart of how we develop a lasting business, make a long term contribution to the communities and environment in which we operate and deliver value for all our stakeholders. It is vital that we can live and work together with the communities and organisations around our operations now and in the years ahead. We recognise the importance of exploring all the options and engaging with all stakeholders to enable us to meet our long term responsibility for our resources, surroundings and communities. This genuine commitment to sustainability is key to the way we will contribute, support and prosper.

The company conducts its operations in an ethical, responsible, apolitical, independent and transparent way. We manage our Corporate and Social Responsibility (“CSR”) with the same principles underlying the conduct of our core activities, which are determination, innovation and excellence.

All of IBC’s employees and contractors are encouraged to work to the highest standard.  These standards are reviewed and set by the IBC HSE Committee which takes responsibility for monitoring group-level health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) risk assessments in addition to reviewing reports on serious a accidents and fatalities to ensure that management are responding appropriately. The Committee also ensures that the company is fully compliant by commissioning periodic independent audits on HSE matters.

Our long term involvement with our local partners, as well as our multicultural team, are instrumental in ensuring we keep in tune and maintain an effective dialogue in line with our business objectives.

IBC believes its presence is felt positively by its hosts as the Company strives to create value locally, benefiting not only the employees but the community at large. The Company ensures its projects will bring opportunities and its investment will make a positive difference.

Social Responsibilities

As a commitment to their social and environmental responsibility and their belief in the future of Iraq, the owners of IBC’s other Iraqi company “Global Sports Ltd.” have self-financed the build of state-of-the-art sports stadiums in Dahok, Al-Kut and the only solar-powered stadium in Iraq in Baghdad.

Duhok Stadium

KRG, Duhok – Iraq

Al-Kut Stadium

Al-Kut – Iraq

Al-Habibiyah Stadium

Baghdad – Iraq