About IBC

Ideal Business Company (IBC) is an Iraqi owned company with offices located in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. Providing high quality services to the local and international entities throughout the Republic of Iraq.
 Our dedicated professional team has the ability to execute excellent services to their customers. We are offering a wide range of solutions that exceed the customer’s expectation by delivering results and values on time.

IBC is flexible and efficient and professionally supports its consolidated business units with unique organizational management, resourcing, policies and procedures and financing.

IBC principles entirely rely on considered thought and enthusiastic execution; our maxims are to achieve quantifiable results whilst exercising client care when conducting business. Collectively our many years of knowledge and experience in servicing our clients give us the independence to confidently build on sustainable success in challenging regions and operating environments.

Our Clients

Ideal Business Company (IBC) was strategically formed in Iraq in 2016 by Iraqi businessmen and an Expat Management Team to provide both commercial companies and government entities access to an exceptional Iraqi owned qualified professional Fuel Supplier and Procurement Services company. The owners of IBC along with their key personnel have been providing a multitude of client’s mission-critical high-level services since 2003, a snapshot of our past and present client base is as follows: